Managing Your Project

Student Life Partners: Follow these steps to manage your marketing project and collaborate with Student Life Marketing.

  • You will get invited as a “client” to your project via email.
  • Click the "Join" Basecamp link.
  • You will be prompted to create a Basecamp account by clicking on the "Make a new login with my email" and use your IU email address. Create a password. If you have used Basecamp before click "Log in." You do not have to upload a photo.


  • After you create your password you will land on Basecamp’s home dashboard which shows all the projects you are working on with Student Life Marketing.
  • When you click the project you are working on with us, you will see a more detailed dashboard. 
    • Use “Message Board” for communication.
    • Review and comment on files in “Docs & Files.”project-dashboard.png
  • At first, nothing will be in any of these fields. When files are uploaded for your review, you will receive an email that takes you to that particular project in Basecamp. 
  • When a draft of your project is ready for review you will get an email that a new file has been uploaded. It will be located in the “Drafts - Client” folder. If it is a PDF, please download it. Some PDFs have multiple pages and Basecamp only shows page one as a preview. The file name should list the project name and dimensions of the file. 

  • Please review and reply to the email with any updates, questions, changes, or approval. Your email response will be added directly to the project. There is no reason for you to log back in to basecamp.
  • But if you’d like, you can log back in. One benefit of doing so is that you can see all the materials created at once and respond to each individually.
  • When you make requests for edits, we will make the updates and replace the old files with the new files. You will be notified by Basecamp when the new files are ready for review.
  • When all the changes have been made and things are ready to be finalized. Please make sure to communicate that we have your approval to move forward with printing and/or implementation. All approved files will be moved to the FINAL folder.

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