How to Submit an Exam Request Form

How to submit an Exam Request Form

Instructors who need to arrange for a student to take an exam at Accessible Educational Services (AES)—formerly known as Disability Services for Students (DSS)—should submit one Exam Request Form (ERF) per student referred using the form below.  Students must be registered with AES and have presented you with their current Accessibility Memorandum (‘Memo’). AES has limited testing space.

To ensure adequate time for the student to schedule their exams and reserve a space, instructors need to complete the ERF two weeks in advance for regular semester exams and three weeks in advance for final exams.  Exam materials may be sent directly to or delivered to the AES office in Eigenmann Hall, Room #001.

Once an exam has been received, we cannot guarantee any changes to the exam prepared for the student due to time constraints and coordination needs. However, if there is any issue with an exam after a copy has been sent, please email promptly with updates (and an updated copy of the exam if applicable).

Additional information
AES schedules exams on a first-come, first-served basis. If AES is unable to administer an exam, the instructor and student will be notified immediately. It will then become the instructor’s responsibility to either offer an alternate date and time for the student to take the exam with AES or arrange accessibility measures (accommodations) through the course department.

Please note

Effective Fall 2023, AES will no longer facilitate exam appointments if the exam copy (or administrative details, including access codes/passwords for Canvas/online exams) are not received by 4:00 PM one business day in advance of the exam date. If the exam is not received by 4:00 PM the business day before the assessment, the student’s appointment in the AES office will be canceled. The instructor will then be responsible for facilitating full accessibility measures for the exam in question.

Also effective Fall 2023: Student Delivery will no longer be an accepted exam return method.