Conflict Mediation

For your hard-to-solve conflicts

Are you having a disagreement with your roommate? Is tension high between you and your lab partners?

Some conflicts are unavoidable, but you don’t have to solve them on your own.

The Office of Student Conduct offers conflict coaching and mediation services to help you solve these problems and stay ahead of future conflicts.

How it works

two people sitting. One is writing on a notepad while the other is speaking

Conflict coaching

In a confidential, one-on-one process, you will work with an Office of Student Conduct staff member to discuss communication styles and conflict resolution strategies, then apply them to your own problem.

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A neutral, trained mediator will provide a space for everyone involved to express their concerns, discuss what they need from the relationship moving forward, and solve the problem themselves.

Get started with conflict resolution

Conflict coaches and mediators help you:

  • Resolve interpersonal conflict
  • Resolve conflicts within the campus community
  • Develop strategies for effective communication

If you are interested in conflict coaching or mediation, contact the Office of Student Conduct at 812-855-5419 or

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