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College life can be confusing and overwhelming, and sometimes you just need someone to help you sort things out. If you’re facing an issue that is affecting your ability to succeed at Indiana University Bloomington, you can get help from a Student Advocate. Student Advocates are retired IU faculty and staff members who volunteer their time and expertise to assist students in resolving academic, financial, and conduct problems. Advocates have been helping Hoosiers since 1981.

No matter what your situation is, Student Advocates are here to listen nonjudgmentally, provide unconditional support, and help you resolve problems so you can successfully maintain progress towards your degree.

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We rely on a team of committed volunteers to carry out our mission of helping students address problems and stay on track with their education. If you’re a retired IU faculty or staff member ready for a new way to support students, we want you to join our team.

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Do you need a Confidential Victim Advocate?

Confidential Victim Advocates (CVAs) are specially trained advocates who support students that have experienced sexual misconduct, including sexual assault, rape, sexual harassment, dating violence, or stalking. Your Confidential Victim Advocate can help address any safety, academic, or other university-related concerns and assist you in making a report, if you choose.

Sexual Violence Support