Withdrawing from All Courses

How to withdraw from all your courses

It’s important to remember that withdrawing from all your courses ends your enrollment at Indiana University Bloomington for the current term. This may have consequences for your academic progress, financial aid or scholarship eligibility, housing contract, and other things related to your student status. We strongly encourage you to speak with a Student Advocate before you begin the withdrawal process.

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Procedures for withdrawing from all courses

If you decide to withdraw from all your courses, be sure to follow the procedure described here—if you don’t withdraw properly, you risk getting F’s in your courses.

Through the first week of the term

You can withdraw from all courses without penalty during the first week of the term by dropping all your classes through One.IU. Courses dropped during this period will not appear on your transcript.

After the first week of the term

After the first week of the term has passed, except during summer sessions*, you must withdraw from all courses through the Student Advocates Office—unless you are a University Division, Maurer School of Law, or an international student.

*Summer Procedures: Students must complete the process of withdrawing from all classes independently using the edrop system.

All other students must complete the Withdrawal from All Subjects form and submit it to the Student Advocates Office. Although you are not required to meet with a Student Advocate, we strongly recommend that you do.

  • If you withdraw from all your courses after the first week of classes but before the automatic W deadline, you’ll get a W (withdrawn) on your transcript for each of your courses.
  • If you withdraw after the automatic W deadline, you must be passing a course to receive a W. However, a W is not guaranteed—ultimately it will be up to your instructor to determine whether you receive a W or an F. If you receive an F, you can request a grade change based on your circumstances.

The last day you can request a complete withdrawal from all courses is the final day of classes for the term. This DOES NOT include finals week. Please consult the IUB Official Academic Calendar for Complete Withdrawal (All Classes) Deadlines.

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Other important information to know about withdrawing from IU

Visit Student Central or talk with a Student Advocate to get help with any of the topics listed here.

Withdrawing from your courses does not cancel your housing contract or meal plan. If you live on campus and/or have a meal plan, you must cancel any Residential Programs and Services contracts separately.

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Withdrawing from all your courses may affect your financial aid or scholarships.

  • If you have federal student loans, contact Student Central to find out what happens to your aid if you withdraw.
  • If you have scholarships or other nonfederal aid, contact the organization that awarded the aid.

If you withdraw from all courses, you may be eligible for a refund of tuition and fees. The amount of the refund depends on when you withdraw.

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If you withdraw after the refund period due to significant or unusual circumstances, you have the right to submit an appeal of the fee refund policy.

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Your IU computing accounts remain active as long as you are enrolled at any IU campus. After two consecutive terms (fall, spring, and summer are each considered one term) during which you are not enrolled in any courses, you will be notified by email and given a seven-day window before your accounts are disabled.

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Withdrawal from all subjects