Sorority and Fraternity Life Initiatives

The university has implemented a number of initiatives over the last five years to set clear expectations and create a healthy, safe, inclusive, and supportive experience for sorority and fraternity members. The following documents and policies are the foundation of these initiatives:

  • New Measures
  • OSFL Recognition Policy
  • OSFL Social Events Policy
  • University Recognized Housing Policy
  • OSFL Extension Policy

New Measures

In 2019, we added some new initiatives focused on ways we can enhance IU’s efforts for creating a safe and healthy Greek community. These new measures were created after a series of seven forums held throughout the spring 2019 semester with engaged stakeholders regarding changes needed to improve the fraternity and sorority experience and community culture at IU. Following these forums, these measures were developed and reviewed by the Greek Task Force, which was created by the Office of the Provost, with the intention to implement a number of reforms aimed at improving the fraternity/sorority experience.

These new initiatives include 12 measures that address four broad focus areas:

  • Student safety
  • Academic achievement
  • Good citizenship
  • Diversity and inclusion

These new measures allow the Office of Sorority and Fraternity Life to enhance educational programs, leadership development opportunities, prevention initiatives, and staff support aimed at improving our Sorority and Fraternity community. Our hope is that through these initiatives will serve as a model for other universities to follow.

OSFL Recognition Policy

The OSFL Recognition Policy identifies the benefits that Indiana University will provide to recognized sorority and fraternity organizations, and outlines the sorority and fraternity recognition process and requirements, organization expectations, and the responsibilities and obligations organizations have to IU. Sororities and fraternities exist independently of the University, but this recognition policy aims to strengthen each independent organization and the overall university environment.

OSFL Social Events Policy

The OSFL Social Events Policy outlines IU’s minimum expectations for social events hosted or sponsored by sorority and fraternity organizations. More stringent policies or requirements may be imposed by organizations themselves or by their inter/national headquarters, so long as such policies do not conflict with this policy. This policy operates in conjunction with, and does not supersede, any applicable local, state, or federal laws and regulations; the Indiana University Office of Sorority and Fraternity Life Recognition Policy; the Indiana University Student Organization Policy; the IU Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Conduct (“Student Code”); any applicable inter/national headquarters organization-specific policies and procedures; or any other applicable IU policies and procedures.

Learn more about Social Event Guidelines

University Recognized Housing Policy

The University Recognized Housing Policy outlines the expectations and requirements of Housed Sorority and Fraternity Organizations in order to be designated as University Recognized Housing.

Learn more about Housed Sorority and Fraternity Rules and Regulations

OSFL Extension Policy

The OSFL Extension Policy applies to all prospective sorority and fraternity organizations at Indiana University Bloomington. It outlines the application requirements and review process that prospective sororities and fraternities must complete in order to receive an invitation to become a recognized sorority or fraternity organization at IU.

All OSFL Policies may be viewed in the Documents section of OSFL’s beINvolved page.

Greek Agreement

The Greek Organization Agreement was a relationship agreement between social fraternities and sororities with Indiana University through which they become a recognized Greek Organization. Officially recognized Greek Organizations agreed to abide by a set of standards and expectations in exchange for unique resources tailored to provide support for their organization from the university, such as programming initiatives, the ability to checklist members, funding opportunities and university staff support. This agreement between the university and student organization was created with the intention to set expectations to help ensure that Indiana University students have a safe, healthy and meaningful fraternity and sorority experience. Based on feedback from campus and community stakeholders, the Greek Organization Agreement has been restructured into our four policies outlined above.