Hazing Prevention

Anti-Hazing Policy

Hazing is strictly prohibited at Indiana University and has no place in the Sorority and Fraternity Community. Hazing is defined as any conduct that subjects another person, whether physically, mentally, emotionally, or psychologically, to anything that may endanger, abuse, degrade, or intimidate the person as a condition of association with a group or organization, regardless of the person’s consent or lack of consent.

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Report hazing

If you have experienced hazing, witnessed hazing, or suspect someone you know to have been hazed, report it. In an emergency, call 911. Your decision will make campus a safer place for everyone.

Report Hazing

Organizations may be eligible for organization amnesty related to hazing behaviors if swift action is taken to stop the behaviors, no medical attention is needed, alcohol and/or drugs are not involved, and measures are put in place to prevent such behaviors from occurring again. The expectation for organizations utilizing this policy is that they ensure immediate care for a student in need, self-report this incident to the Office of Student Conduct, and provide complete and truthful information about the situation. Prior hazing incidents, reported by organizational leadership in an effort to seek help from the university and to actively change or remedy the organization’s culture, may be considered for amnesty under this policy or other alternative resolution processes at the Dean of Students' discretion.

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