Educational Programming

Leadership Programming

Providing organization leadership educational opportunities allows our student leaders to learn the knowledge and skills to influence their environments to foster safe and meaningful experiences within their organization.

Greek Leadership Academy (GLA)

Chapter presidents and council leaders from all four councils come together to facilitate community building, leadership development, and goal setting. GLA is typically a day long program that occurs in late January or Early February.

Officer Specific Training

Timely and topical education programming tailored to specific cohorts of elected and appointed officers to develop position specific skills. Examples include: new member education, standards/accountability boards, mental health chairs, event planners/social chairs, etc. Expectations about each program will be communicated with chapter leaders directly.

Emerging Leaders Programming

Programming tailored towards newer members of a Greek organization that prepares them to be thoughtful, informed and effective leaders in their organization and community. Execution of this programming may differ from year to year.

Event Monitor Training

A self-paced online education opportunity that focuses on applying relevant knowledge about alcohol consumption with bystander intervention practices to support leaders in maintaining safe social environments. After completion of the online component, each organization hosting events with alcohol will conduct a risk management plan review session to contextualize expectations of Event Monitors to their chapter’s policies and procedures.

Both components are required for individuals to serve as an event monitor at an organization’s event with alcohol.

Additional Educational Opportunities

In addition to individual programming and leadership programming, chapter leaders can request a program to meet their organization’s educational programming needs and/or requirements. We’re happy to tailor an already existing program or partner together to build a new one.

Request a Program Here

Programs that are currently available include topics such as:

  • Alcohol Harm Reduction
  • Bystander Intervention
  • Hazing Prevention
  • Mental Health
  • Prescription Drugs
  • Recruitment and Membership Intake
  • Social Justice