Intervention Program

What to expect when you meet with a counselor

Whether you seek out support on your own or you’re referred to a group or individual meeting with a counselor, these sessions are centered around helping you make informed decisions.

  • We offer constant support, empathy, and honest communication from the moment you contact us onward.
  • We meet you where you are and will help you get to where you need to be.
  • We encourage you to think critically about drinking alcohol, using drugs, and the impact those activities may have on you and your ability to be successful at IU.
  • We aren’t just sitting, talking, and listening. We promote learning, self reflection, and growth in everything we do.
  • We want to respect and help you define your physical, emotional, and spiritual boundaries.
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Judicial records

For students who successfully complete all requirements of Phase 1 of the intervention program—and do not violate any other drug or alcohol-related policies for the duration of their tenure at Indiana University—there will not be a judicial record of the incident kept by Indiana University.

Fee Waiver Request

Sometimes students can qualify for a fee reduction for services. Please fill out the Fee Waiver Request and someone will respond within two weeks.

Opting out of intervention

If you are not responsible for any of the alleged charges and want a judicial hearing instead, you may opt out of Substance Use Intervention Services by following the instructions in your notification letter.

Failure to appear for, reschedule, or cancel your screening will result in the loss of the opportunity to enter the program. Your case will be referred to the Campus Judicial Process, and you may be subject to an additional charge for failure to comply with the request of a university official.

Before you request a hearing, review the appropriate sections of the Student Code and/or the Residence Hall Rules and Regulations for complete details regarding your charges. If you are found responsible in the judicial hearing, you will receive an automatic mandatory referral back to Substance Use Intervention Services, along with a judicial record.

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