Promote Your Organization

Your guide to shameless self promotion

There are many ways to promote your organization and its events on the Indiana University campus. You can advertise online and in student publications. You can pitch a news story to the student television station. You can even have your message printed on the back of a bus.

Whether you are hanging posters on the IU campus or creating them with your skills, be sure to read the university’s promotional guidelines first.

a graphic that says "student organization Indiana University Bloomington"

Official SGSO mark

Self-governed student organizations (SGSOs) on all Indiana University campuses have an official branded mark for use on marketing materials and merchandise. Use of this mark indicates that your organization is an official SGSO at Indiana University. This mark is designed to be used with (not in place of) your organization’s logo to indicate your organization’s affiliation with Indiana University. Several versions of the approved mark can be downloaded from the University Policies Student Organization policy page.