Fundraising policies

Fundraising is defined to include all events and activities through which funds are collected by an organization. Fundraising, by definition, does not exclude solicitation of donations or events and activities which produce no profits after expenses.

The university does not make its facilities available for fundraising purposes if the funds raised are designed to enrich an individual or commercial sponsor. Fundraising activities also are subject to facility reservation requirements.

All items bearing IU marks that are resold, including for fundraising purposes, are royalty bearing. An IU licensed vendor must be used to print all products bearing IU trademarks, names, logos, insignias, or identifiable properties. All uses of IU trademarks must adhere to the IU Licensing and Trademark Policy.

Student organizations can sell pre-purchased baked goods to raise funds. Student organizations hosting any event in which food will be served to the public on IU properties must submit a Temporary Food Service Application Form at least seven days before the event.

University units, including University Student Organizations (USOs), may conduct contests, drawings, or games for prizes to encourage attendance at or participation in events or activities, if the total value of all prizes offered at any event does not exceed $5,000. Vendors participating in a university event are also subject to the prize limit. Academic contests are exempt from the $5,000 prize limit.

In rare circumstances, a request may be made to award prizes with values that exceed the amounts identified here. Such exceptional requests must be submitted as proposals and obtain approval from the unit's financial officer, campus financial officer, the vice president and CFO, the vice president and general counsel, and the vice president for public affairs and government relations.

Raffles (i.e. the selling of tickets or chances to win a prize awarded through a random drawing) are prohibited. Bingo and poker and other similar games are prohibited if any prizes are awarded.

Read the full policy on drawings, games and prizes.

For Self Governed Student Organizations (SGSOs): Only organizations classified as tax-exempt under section 501 of the Internal Revenue Code, and which have been in existence for five years or more, are eligible to conduct a legal gaming event in Indiana. Gaming events are regulated by the State and require a gaming license or exemption, as well as post-event reporting. Raffles are not allowed on University Property. Refer to the Indiana Gaming Commission for more information.

University Student Organizations (USOs) should consult with their sponsoring department before entering into a partnership with any outside vendor or for-profit entity.

Self-Governed Student Organizations (SGSOs) may partner with outside vendors or for-profit entities on campus, provided they comply with the Non-Solicitation on Campus policy FIN-PURCH-12 with the following limitations:

  • NO credit card companies
  • NO alcohol or illegal substances

In the event that the university has an exclusive contract in place for a product or service with a specific vendor, student organizations must comply with any on-campus requirements to use such products or services. 

Solicitations and partnerships with for-profit entities are prohibited during the Student Involvement Fair.

Student organizations may receive compensation when sponsoring the space reservation of a for-profit entity on campus.

Individual members may not receive compensation directly from for-profit companies if acting as a representative of a student organization. Profits from partnerships must be distributed to the organization itself.

An outside vendor or for-profit entity may use campus space only if they are sponsored by a registered student organization or IU department. Requests to reserve campus space for this purpose can only be made by a member of the sponsoring student organization, will be limited to certain campus locations, and will be reviewed by Student Involvement and Leadership. The student organization must submit a letter of approval of the sponsorship from its advisor, along with the Campus Event Registration Form.

With regard to any contract or agreement entered into by Self Governed Student Organizations, the organization shall include the following statement, initialed and dated by all parties of the contract or agreement:

[NAME OF ORGANIZATION], a party to this agreement, is an independent student organization and is neither a unit of Indiana University nor an agent of Indiana University for any purpose. [NAME OF ORGANIZATION] is not authorized to commit Indiana University contractually and therefore this agreement does not contain the commitment of, and is not in any manner binding upon or enforceable against, Indiana University.

University Student Organizations (USOs) must work with their sponsoring University department to plan fundraising activities. Departments must obtain approval for all fundraising activities from Treasury Operations through a Revenue Producing Activity Questionnaire process. In addition, any person handling money for deposit in University accounts must complete a Revenue Processing Training program or tutorial. Check with your advisor or your department’s fiscal office for more information.

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