Student Organizations

Lead, join, or create a student org

Student organizations are responsible for many of the discussions, activities, and traditions we value at Indiana University Bloomington.

They also are responsible for upholding university policies, taking accountability for their members’ actions, and a whole host of managerial tasks such as finding funding, recruiting members, and promoting events.

Here’s everything you need to know about joining, managing, or creating your own student organization at IU.

Student Involvement Fairs

Twice each year, the Student Involvement and Leadership Center hosts a great opportunity to meet face-to-face with student organizations and learn how to find your community here at IU.

The Student Involvement Fair happens in the first week of the Fall semester on Dunn Meadow, featuring nearly 400 student organizations and community partner agencies along with food trucks. The Winter Involvement Fair each January offers a second opportunity to connect with over 160 participating organizations.

Student organizations interested in participating in the fall fair will receive the sign-up link upon the completion of the annual re-registration process. Registered student organizations will be invited to sign up for the Winter Involvement Fair. Please contact with questions about either event.

Student org awards

Each year, we give awards to student organizations who have shown excellence in community engagement, collaboration, diversity and inclusion, and leadership development. We also award student organizations who hold outstanding events. Tell us which award your student organization deserves.

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Know the rules

Policies and guidelines keep your student organizations operating smoothly and responsibly. Read and understand all policies and guidelines before you begin promoting, assembling, or planning activities for your student organization.

Read policies and guidelines