Travel & Transportation

Travel requirements

  • Any student traveling on behalf of a USO is considered to be traveling on “university business.”
  • For USOs traveling in any vehicle, or SGSOs utilizing Fleet Services, if six or more students are in your group, you must be accompanied by an approved university employee.
  • For USOs traveling in any vehicle, or SGSOs wishing to use Fleet Services, groups requiring more than four vehicles must arrange for alternative means of transportation (such as a bus) or apply for an exemption of this rule.
  • All USOs must complete any necessary travel and liability waivers. We recommend that SGSOs consider implementing their own waivers.
students standing in a front of a sign that has a stencil  of Africa on it

Traveling abroad

Any student organization that wants to travel internationally must apply and obtain approval from the IU Office of Overseas Study. Your organization must show proof that you have an IU faculty or staff advisor who is currently employed by Indiana University.