Advising for student orgs

Student Involvement and Leadership offers advising for student organizations by appointment or during walk-in hours. Students can meet one-on-one to discuss issues that arise in thier organization, and can get advice on maximizing their organization’s potential.

Scheduled appointments or meetings during walk-in hours can be used to ask questions about student organizations, ways to get involved on campus, and opportunities within the department. Please see the front desk on the second or third floor of the Student Involvement Tower of the Indiana Memorial Union for walk-in appointments.

Student Involvement and Leadership advisors do not replace your faculty/staff advisor.

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Faculty/staff advisors

All student organizations are required to have at least one faculty or staff advisor who is currently employed by IU Bloomington. Faculty/staff advisors help organizations maintain consistency from year to year and can offer advice on organizational decisions.

Choosing your faculty/staff advisor

  • Look to an academic department with an interest in your group’s purpose. For example, an English professor might serve as an advisor to a literary organization.
  • Think about professors or administrators with whom you have formed a positive relationship. Consider asking any of these people to serve as your group’s advisor.
  • The advisor-organization relationship can be as complex or simple as you want. Be sure to maintain a high level of communication with your advisor; he or she should know what you expect from the advisor role. Advisors should outline what they expect of the organization.

Organizations are welcome to have more than one advisor. Additional advisors may come from IU or the local community; however, your primary advisor should sponsor your IU web and email accounts, and other university services.

Student Organization Advisor Agreement

SGSO advisors and SGSO officers must sign an agreement with the following language, to be included with the organization’s application for university registration. The actual SGSO Advisor Agreement Form is available in beINvolved and as part of the beINvolved registration and re-registration process:

Indiana University requires that every registered self-governed student organization have a faculty or staff Advisor who is employed at IU Bloomington in an appointed position. Temporary/Part-time employees cannot serve as Advisors. Also, undergraduate and graduate students, external individuals, alumni, or individuals working with an entity affiliated with IU Bloomington do not qualify to serve as the required faculty or staff Advisor.

  • Serving as the student organization’s Campus Security Authority.
  • Maintaining regular contact with the student organization.
  • Assisting the student organization in abiding by all IU and Student Involvement and Leadership Center policies and procedures.
  • Helping the student organization locate and utilize available resources.
  • Being familiar with the goals and activities of the student organization.
  • Providing support and guidance as needed, while recognizing that the control and operation of the SGSO remain with the students.

The duties of the Self-Governed Student Organization (SGSO) include:

  • Abiding by all Indiana University and Student Involvement and Leadership Center policies and procedures and seeking out counsel when there is a question about the student organization’s events, programs, or activities.
  • Consulting with the Advisor as necessary, while recognizing that the control and operation of the SGSO remain with the students.
  • Updating the Advisor regarding organizational activities.
  • Inviting the Advisor to organizational functions.

The student organization Advisor and SGSO officers may also agree upon specific duties and expectations that are not included as a part of the Student Organization Advisor Agreement.

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