Leadership Programs

Program Examples

The purpose of these activities is to have fun or literally, "break-the-ice" and get to know other group members. Examples include name games, human bingo, and chain of connection.

Facilitations on leadership development offer a variety of topics tied to Dr. Seemiller's Student Leadership Competencies framework and relevant student leadership theories. Facilitations can be conceptual in nature or offer interactive activities to delve into students' unique leadership styles.

These workshops focus on a particular skill that your group would like to develop. Examples include workshops on communication, conflict management, and delegation.

Facilitations working on teamwork and group cohesion dive deeper than Team Builders. These programs are typically longer in nature and involve activities that require increased engagement and vulnerability from participants.

Meet with a leadership advisor

Overwhelmed with choices? Meet with a leadership advisor to get started. You can connect with one of our advisors by email at leadiu@indiana.edu, by phone at 812-855-4682, or in person at the Indiana Memorial Union, Suite 270 of the Student Involvement Tower.