Submit a Care Referral

Get help for yourself or someone else

We know that sometimes students experience challenges that affect their ability to be successful at Indiana University. A Care Referral is an easy way to request help with an issue or concern, especially if you don’t know which office or department to contact.

Submit a Care Referral

If it's an emergency

Please be aware that the Care Referral system is not monitored 24 hours a day. If you have a life-threatening emergency, call 911.

Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone who is concerned about the safety or well-being of an IU student—including parents, IU faculty and staff, community members, and other students—can submit a Care Referral about that person. If you are a student, you have the option of submitting a Care Referral to get help for yourself.

Anonymous referrals are accepted; however, an anonymous report may limit our ability to address issues.

You’re worried about a friend, classmate, colleague, or student on campus. Below are some behaviors and indications that a fellow Hoosier might need some caring outreach and support from the Care Team.

These aren’t exhaustive lists, so you can also contact a Care Coordinator for a consultation. You can share your concerns about the student, and they can provide guidance on whether or not a referral is warranted and next steps.

When in doubt, make a referral! Care Team members are trained in outreach, assessment, and response. They will reach out to the student after receiving the referral to offer support and assess their circumstances and needs.

If it's an emergency
Please be aware that the Care Referral system is not monitored 24 hours a day. If you have a life-threatening emergency, call 911.

A Care Referral can be submitted to get help with:

  • Academic or administrative issues (advising, attendance, grade appeals, financial aid concerns)
  • Personal issues (relationship or family issues, adjustment to IU)
  • Health or wellness issues (mental health concerns, substance abuse issues)
  • Behavioral issues (disruptive behavior in class, sudden behavior change, conduct policy violations)
  • Bias issues (harassment or discrimination)

  • Noticeable change in behavior or appearance: Is the student suddenly acting differently than they have in the past? Are their moods difficult to predict?
  • Isolating or withdrawing: Is the student skipping meals, avoiding plans and social situations, or staying in their room all day?
  • Sudden change in life circumstances: Are the student’s parents divorcing? Did they recently suffer the loss of a family, friend, or loved one? Have they gone through a big breakup? Has their financial situation changed? Do they seem to be struggling to cope with these changes and loss?
  • Disclosed concerning information: Has the student told you worrisome thoughts, behaviors, or experiences that you aren’t sure how to handle? Are you concerned about their wellbeing and aren’t sure how to help?
  • Unhealthy behavior: Is the student drinking excessively, or abusing substances? Has their consumption increased? Do their behaviors feel reckless or out of control?
  • Threatening behavior: Has the student classmate made threatening or inflammatory remarks? Have you noticed them expressing an interest in concerning groups online or in person?
  • Academic decline: Has the student begun to skip class more or stopped going altogether? Have you noticed their grades declining?
  • Gut instinct: Do you have a feeling that something concerning is going on with a student, roommate, or classmate, but you aren’t sure what? A Care Team member can still provide caring outreach and offer support to students if you refer them in these cases.

You can expect to receive acknowledgment of your Care Referral during regular business hours within 48 hours of submitting it. It will be reviewed by the members of the Care Team in the Student Care and Resource Center, who will follow up with the student and connect them with appropriate support and resources. With the intention to protect the student's privacy, please understand that you may not learn the outcome of your Care Referral submission.